He was born in Serbia, 18. 10. 1969., where he lives still today. By profesion he is elektrician. He don`t go in army `couse don`t like war and killing. At midle of 80-th he had punk band "AFEKT" (Acimovic was frontment, singer and text writer). This band was very famous all over EX YU underground scene. He`s poetry took place in many underground `zines, the punk antologues " THE OLD BAKUNIN CHILDREN", and in the books "THE YELOW DOG", "THE BOOTHS OF FREEDOM" and "GORILA lV" which author is IVAN GLISIC, EX YU underground writter. In minwile, Branko Acimovic took place in world mail art scene and had many presentation in all over the world. The Black Bird institute in U.S.A. published his book of poems, on English "THE PACKAGE RETURNED".