He was born in 1954. He received his diploma as a research biologist in Szeged, Hungary, in 1978. Following this, he worked until 1988 as an editor for the subject of biology in the National Centre of Education Techniques, established by the Hungarian Government and UNESCO. In 1990 was named editor in chief of “School culture,” a multidisciplinary pedagogical journal, which he still heads to this date. He is an associate professor of the Department of Cultural History at the University of Pécs. He is a member of the Cultural History Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and is also a member of the Academy’s council of life sciences, and the Educational History Comittee as well. Numerous volumes of his literary works have been published thus far, in the genres of poetry, short stories, and essays. Since the end of the 1970’s, he has also dealt with activities bordering on literature and the fine arts, and has thus far participated a lot of individual- and group exhibitions. He is a member of the Hungarian Federation of Writers. He defended his habilitation thesis at the University of Pécs Faculty of Arts, Fine Arts Department with outstanding certification: in his work, essay-like, he elaborated the history of visual poetry in XVI.-XVII. century in Hungary. By this he obtained the Dr Habil degree.