Born: Budapest, 1951. július 20. Studies: She finished the Grammar School of Fine and Applied Arts in 1969 as the student of István Balogh, Tibor Zala, Gábor Gacs and Árpád Bognár. She graduated from the University of Fine - and Applied Arts and got her diploma in 1973. Works: She graduated as applied graphic and she worked in the different fields of her profession. She designed emblems, posters, televisionfilms and strips, exhibition-graphics, illustrations, childrentoys, postcards. From 1980, she has turned to autonomic graphic, but she paints and takes photos , as well. Recently, her works were groupped int he following topics: "WATER", "CITIES", "TIME", "SKY", "ENTERING HEAVEN", "ON THE BANK OF THE LETHE", "GOOD MORNING", "SILENCE CURTAIN", "GARGOYLES". Each collection consists of about 50 pieces. They are extremely various technically: Drawings, copperplates, aquarells, pastells, collages. Her works are regularly presented in newspapers and magazins. She has taken part in Hungarian and foreign exhibitions with her works since 1972 and until May 2005, she has organized independent exhibition 36 times. She is a steady participant of the Hungarian and the foreign group biennals and exhibitions. Web:

[ Photo: Miklós Schannen ]