Born and bred in Reykjavik, Iceland; the artist Nekron soon became filled with passion for the arts and for the sheer strength of the dark, Nordic landscape along with it’s mystical and symbolic sub-presence that permeates the subconscious mind and by-passes that which is „merely” seen. As such, this force drives the idle hand and gives grandeur to idyllic memories that become manifest as phantomlike shapes upon the plate? Spawned without thought in the wake of creation. At first educated in „Graphics and Advertising Design” at the Frederick Institute of Technology in Limassol, Cyprus; then to complete his study in „Visual Arts” at the Willem de Kooning Academy in the good year of 2000, the artist’s concentration is now mainly on the merging of symbolic images with realistic (mainly figurative) forms through a partial ? yet, particularly dynamic - means of Abstract Expressionism. Now residing in the Netherlands, Nekron solemnly seeks to create a firm place for his art in every field and on every conceivable level where appropriate. Web:

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