Born in 1962 - MONZA (ITALY) Graphic designer, born to Monza in the 1962 from the 2002 assets in the FUNtastic network of the Mail Art, participating to numerous call, between which: SIVIERA symposium 2002, Festival d' Avignon 2003, Mail Art ausstellung Hundertwasser 2004, 16th ' Independent Arts' -Festival "Szjablony": stencil graffiti, Artist of Fun 2004, To invade the Invasions. Moreover and be present in many numbers of "Brain Cell" of Ryosuke Cohen and "DiSegni DiSogni" of Claudio Jaccarino beyond that in Friour Magazine, Nada Zero and Pips 2004; BAU#2/2006. It has organized some call of Mail Art: Sign, Dream, Picasso, T-Shirt and The Work/The Author , this last one sees binds together to you ritratti from he elaborates and the works to you of various international artists of the Mail Art. But more better than every directory than participation, the images speak about its work (in maximum part realize to you to computer with, to times, collage), where the references to the great historical artistic movements (futurismo, surrealism, dada) citations Pop Art, always playing on the irony and the fantasy.