(1976 Diest, Belgium). Former student and graduate of Fine/Graphic Arts in Hasselt. Works in the disciplines of graphic, visual and fine arts with use of collage, drawings, mixed media and paintings (acryl and watercolour) and digital art. Exhibitions: 1995: Mixed media exhibition in Diest, 1999: Graphic art exhibition at the Provinciehuis in Hasselt, Belgium, 1999: Calligraphy group exhibition of Godelief Tielens at CC Begijnhof in Diest, Belgium, 2000: Mixed media works exhibition at the PHL in Hasselt, Belgium, 2002: Kunst onder de knie, Provincial library of Hasselt, Belgium, 2000: Ambiorix mail art project of Guy Bleus, Tongeren, Belgium, 2005: Sticker Tree mail art project of Anna Banana, Canada, 2005-2006: Scents, locks and kisses, mail art project of Guy Bleus, Hasselt, Belgium, 2006: The Midnightcow mail art project of l'Hélicon, Flostoy, Belgium, 2006: My moon is… mail art project of Lara Casarotti and Stefano Arici, Brescia, Italy, 2006: Am Fluss/By the River, Kulturhaus Pusdorf, Bremen, Germany, 2006: Snailmail world postcard art show, Artway Gallery in Brampton, Canada, 2006: Has the internet killed the postman? , Australia, 2006: Shadow and Evil in Fairytales, mail art project of Gail Whitter at VISAC in Trail, Canada, 2006: Im-pression 2006: Mail art & Digital art, Grafisch centrum HogeDRUKgebied, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2006: Chaos, Brazil.