Tibor Urbán (1960, Léh). He has been working for the Miskolc Gallery of Fine Arts since 1996. Since 1981 he has taken part and been awarded several times both at different national and international exhibitions as a member of an art-group. His first independent exhibition was organized in 1983. He has been on show at least at fifty different individual exhibitions so far. He is well known as the creator of paintings, graphics, electrographics, picture-poems, artistic books, objects, mail-art works and installations. Members: National Federation of Hungarian Fine Arts and Crafts, of the National Union of Hungarian Creators (Painters' Section), of the Company of Hungarian Painters, of the Studio of Young Fine Artists, of VUdAK (The Union of German Writers and Artists living in Hungary). He published his own volumes in 1993, 1996 and 1997. Until its existence he functioned as the leader of the Artists' Union "Új Bekezdés", as the editor of the periodical "Időjelek" and the almanach "Négyzet". He has illustrated several fine art books and designed quite a few book-covers. His works of art can be seen both in national and regional dailies and monthlies, furthermore in different anthologies, almanachs and catalogues of exhibitions. The journals "Élet és Irodalom", "Alföld" and "Időjelek" have published his works in special editions.