Born in 1957 Lives in Utrecht, Nederlands Herman van der Weert in contradiction Background He studied graphic and monumental design at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht. Has his own studio at the ring of canals in Utrecht and prints engravings/makes prints in the nearby Graphic Art Workshop.Combines paleographical/hand-written and taut forms in collages which constitute the foundation of his paintings or screen prints. Method of working Is engaged in ten things at the same time. Subjects Puts together acknowledged classical or natural beauty and trivialities in one image. Links Greek sculptures with images from albums of verses. Birds of paradise with wallpaper. Celtic ornaments with garden gnomes. Power of expression Comments on art by contrasting it with kitsch. Uses images which, in theory, are unambiguous. However, by putting them together, in all their absurdity, in one piece of work, they become fascinating. By doing so, he defies the spectator to try and solve the mystery. Sources of inspiration Nature, as a teacher of the fine arts (Natura Artis Magistra). Music, in which additions to the main image form counterpoints in the composition. Cliches, derived from both established and bourgeois art. Web: