Tiziana Baracchi

Born in 1952 VENEZIA-ITALIA Tiziana Baracchi is a Doctor, Anaesthesiologist. In the 80 found with Giancarlo Da Lio, a critic of Art, ITINERARI 80 Movimento born to spread art and poetry 1985 entered in the Mail Art Network 1989 THE TREE of POETRY born 1996 signed the IPERSPAZIALISMO Manifesto She usual writes on paper and magazines She often participates to solo and group exhibitions. Her works are in private collections and Museums. In 2003 Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio, founded Ambasciata di Venezia, a real Embassy of a Virtual Land. She was invited to Biennal of Venezia in 2003/2005 and of London in 2004/2006.

Tiziana BaracchiTiziana BaracchiTiziana BaracchiTiziana Baracchi