Dede van der Roove

He was graduated from Art Education Institute in Lublin, Poland. After graduation he worked as lithographer in a graphic art studio. He was tooking an active place in building up „Wektor" art group and participated in number of art exhibition. At that time big number of art collectors placed his artworks in their archives from Moscow to Paris. Simultaneously he worked as art instructor with children and adults. In 1989 he set up his own signmaking company. It was great, creative years, but today signmaking become an industry rather than an art. In 2007 his son took over the business from him. In 2007 Dede van der Roove was born as his alter ego. Dede van der Roove is active MailArtist, photographer, video and graphic artist.

Dede van der RooveDede van der Roove